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Al Maasi x Kosbor Maastricht

For the first time in Kosbor history, we have partnered with an Exclusive community collaboration with Al- Maasi F.C. A group of young lads who have entered the 3rd edition of the Maastricht sunday league.

The Diamond Club consists of 16 players :

  • Dziwisch, Brodnik, Hosny, Salmi as Strikers.
  • Pablo, Pajunen, Gaillard, Goorhuis and Van Der Zanden in midfield.
  • Feldmann, Dababneh, Glodek, Khan and Kosta in Defense. And Paszynski and Gulas as goalkeepers.

At Kosbor, we believe to giving back to our community and to our city. So once we saw that this young organization had proudly used our emblem in the competition sign ups, we reached out to them and asked if they would like to use our member shirts as their official kits, to which they gratefully accepted.

Kosbor wishes them the best of luck in their upcoming matches.